We Are All One-Ask the Masters Zoom Gathering March 18, 2021 7:00 P.M. EST

The pandemic has effected us all in similar ways. You may be missing your favorite restaurant or movie theatre. You might miss those relatives you used to complain about. Parties. Oh, for a good party! I miss dancing the most! To dance a foxtrot around a big ballroom. Bliss! 

But, it has also been quite different for each of us. Those with spouses, partners, or roommates have someone to talk to at night…and during the day, since most of us stopped going to the workplace! Those who don’t live with anyone, may have experienced more aloneness. It can bring a sense of isolation, even if you live with someone. The pandemic may have made urgent how much you don’t have in common with the person(s) you live with or around. And of course, if you have lost friends and love ones to COVID the experience becomes way more painful and difficult. 

In every situation, a sense of separation may evolve. And, that will be one of our topics on the Zoom gathering March 18, at 7:00 P.M. EST. 

How do you experience separation? Don’t worry, we won’t hang out in the gloom long. Buddha, Running Bear Eagle, and Christ will have tips to help us reconnect, shift our perception, create joy, and much more. You can ask them!

Please RSVP at info@deborahmdiamond.com, and we will send you the link.

See you soon, 


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