Mother’s Day

This year I take a deeper bow than usual to all our planet’s mothers, for it has been a year when mothers have had to give even more. Millions of moms had to leave their jobs and stay home with their children during the 2020 pandemic. Millions of women in the health field, in hospitals risked their lives EVERY DAY to help others survive. Most lived in fear that they may infect their families. Stripping down and putting their clothes immediately in the washer and then showering before they could hug their kids, or kiss their husbands when they returned home from work.  And, the thousands of single moms and grandmas that could not physically be with their children.

I bow to the women who tended their elder parents during the pandemic. Who put their lives on hold to love, nurture, fed, and tend to them in all ways.

And all of us who lost our mothers from COVID-19 and couldn’t hug them or squeeze their hands.

The list is too long, and truly I don’t want to cry any more for the suffering that has gone on far too long.

But, I do want to honor all of you. Honor you in the most humble way for your love and dedication. For your tender care. For your strength. For your courage to keep going, when your heart was breaking along with your back.

I intend for each of you a long and refreshing break. Maybe you won’t get that just yet, but can take it a day at a time. Possibly, Mother’s Day will be a day of rest for you, even if it is only in your mind, as you think: “Today I will not worry. Today I will breathe more deeply. Today, I will rest my mind and feel the gratitude of all that I have given and received. Today, I rest in the quiet of my heart.”

Rest dear mother and embody the love and support being given to you.

In Gratitude,


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