A Happy Father’s Day Tribute


Hey, dad can you show me how to sharpen this knife?
Dad, would you help me with my algebra. Mom doesn’t have a clue!
Dad when will we go fishing again? I wanna get a GREAT BIG fish this time.
Ah dad, don’t be mad, my bike tire is flat, and I can’t remember how to fix it.
So, dad, you are always working, what is it that you are doing?
Dad, what was it like in the old days?
Dad, will my generation have a planet to live on? Will I be able to raise a family?
Dad, could you loan me some money? I promise to pay it back!

And the list goes on. Endless really. Dads are expected to know everything from repairs, to finances, to common sense!

Unfortunately, not all relationships with our dads are happy and loving. You may have grudges, or questions, and pain around the relationship. In my healing practice, 30 plus years, we (the greater I am presence) have helped hundreds of men and women heal their childhood wounds, resentments, and anger. Anger is usually the biggest one. So, I know it can be done. And, to my clients’ amazement, they can see the goodness in their father again.

I will never forget a session with a woman who truly hated and resented her father. She could do nothing but complain about him. Definitely, he did not fulfill her expectations of what a father was supposed to be! After the session, she sat up and with wide eyes said, “Oh my God, I have an entirely new relationship with my father!” Sitting there stunned, she suddenly smiled and said, “Well, that wasn’t so hard!”

We didn’t talk much about the relationship, for it was just a repeated mantra of the bad things he did, and what he didn’t do. We worked in the quantum realm and literally dissolved the pain and anguish between the two of them. Forgiveness was truly given on both sides. It doesn’t always happen that quickly, but the hurts can be healed.

If you are suffering in the relationship, so is he, though you might not realize it.

I was angry at my dad for decades until I intended to heal it. I was in my thirties at the time. He felt the transformation and wrote me a letter for the first time in his life and said how sorry he was that I was getting a divorce. From there we rebuilt our relationship. Because of this healing between us, he reached out to me, when he was diagnosed with fourth stage metastasized lung cancer, and the doctor told him he had two weeks to live. We had the miracle of healing, and his cancer was gone. He worked with me every week for two years healing his soul. Then, he was ready to leave this dimension and gracefully reach for the light.

Such a weight was lifted from both of us. Now, I only remember the good times—teaching me how swim, ski, drive a car, shoot a BB gun… So, the guy that I was so angry at, turned out to be a really great dad!

Now, is the perfect time to understand, grieve, and forgive your dad. Why now? Because every day you don’t, your bitterness eats at you and your father.

In closing, I bow to all the fathers who met and exceeded the expectations or fell short. Who tried and failed. Who struggled to express, but couldn’t, or only knew how to yell and swear.

I intend that their pain and yours be lifted now. That where that pain was, love is now.

To Our Oneness,


Father and Son


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