Awaken the Dreamer Symposium

Dear Neighbors,

I wanted to share with those of you who attended the Awaken the Dreamer Symposium Saturday, August 7 and those who were unable to attend some photos and highlights of the event. I believe the symposium lived up to its promise of discovering what is possible for a future we can all be excited about. Ask your neighbors that attended. Thirty-two people came, and we were all excited to get to work to recreate a sustainable, socially just, spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet. This event was co-sponsored by your very own EarthCare at CVC Committee and the Pachamama Asheville Team. It was truly a group effort!

Pachamama Alliance Symposium hosted by Deborah-Marie Diamond.

It was worth the year and half of planning and meeting so many wonderful new people. A special thanks to Mary and Vinit, Don and Corinne Kehrberg, Wendy Strews, Brenda Pearson, Hal Kurtz, Anita Dalvai, and the Asheville Pachamama Team.


To a New Humanity,

Deborah-Marie Diamond













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