Animal Healing

Meg’s horse, Buck, came down with severe colic. The vets had spent the night trying to save the horse, but by morning, the lead vet said if the horse did not stop convulsing on the ground in pain, she would put him down by 1:00 that afternoon. Meg, then called Deborah-Marie who began working on Buck immediately. By noon the episodes had stopped. At 1:00, Buck passed a large manure and ran off to play with his companion.
Deborah-Marie’s healing lifted the source of the colic, removed the trauma of the colic and episodes of extreme pain. Buck was 36 years old and dashing around like a colt. He is alive and well at 42!

Max was a famous German Shepard tracker and show dog. At ten years old, his body was completely broken down, to the extent that several vertebrae were ruptured. He was unable to walk, or lift his head. They were going to put him down as his pain was excruciating, and he was immobile. His new owner found Deborah-Marie, and in six months the nerve damage was repaired, the vertebrae regrown. He was running around like a young dog, fetching and tracking once again.

These are only two examples of what is possible. If you are having an issue with your animal fill out the contact page and we will get back with you.