Land and Property Clearings

No, we don’t mean bulldozing, well not in the physical sense anyway. Your land and your property collects, stores, and radiates energy from the events that have occurred on it or in it. As human cells store traumas, so does the Earth.
First, Deborah-Marie “clears” the negative energy. Then she “sets” the energy of the property and/or building to hold the positive energy you would like to see develop, such as harmony, abundance, joy, love, generosity, relaxation, and so forth.

Here’s what others say:

“Thank you so much for clearing my cottage and the land around it. That house had been a financial drain for years, but after your healing work, it is now a big money-maker!”

 - T. Frank, Asheville

“This house was only seven years old when I bought it, and I was the sixth owner. The couple that built it, got a divorce and sold it. The next couple argued and argued and split up. Same, with the three others! After the first year living here, I couldn’t stand the pressure of NOTHING going right. Terrible trouble with the water – that took a year to correct. No matter how hard I worked, there was never enough money. My relationships failed… and so it continued until you cleared and set it!
Then everything improved. My business picked up, I got into a loving relationship. And it feels SO good to come home now! Thank you!!”

- Marie Johnson

“I can’t believe the difference in our home and yard after Deborah-Marie’s clearing! The communication in our family is much better, much easier, less defensive, and we are all supporting each other more. There is far less bickering and a lot more laughter and harmony. Even the cat is happier! When we do go through rough patches, we come out of it more quickly and peacefully. Good things are happening!”

- Kris Mease