One on One Healing Retreats

For Acute and Chronic Imbalances


If you suffer from a chronic illness like cancer, chronic fatigue, auto immune system diseases, accident debilitation, emotional distress, spiritual crisis, anxiety, or other trauma, you may come to Asheville, North Carolina, find a lovely relaxing place to stay to completely change your environment, and work with Deborah-Marie for three to five days. Or you can fly her to your location, where you will meet and stay in a retreat center in your area. The agenda looks something like this: Morning session: a healing and teaching. Break to rest, process, and refresh. Afternoon session: a healing plus spiritual teaching.


Deborah-Marie will partner with you to reach the core reasons for your imbalance and begin to gently bring love and healing to the situation in an effort to free you from its causes and symptoms. You will be provided with a wellness program including nutrition, exercise, and spiritual practices. This intensive intervention may save your life.

One example: A 76-year-old man whom Deborah-Marie had never worked with before, called her and shared that his prognosis was third stage metastasized lung cancer and that he only had ten days to live. The doctor told him to get his affairs in order.


She, he told her, was his only hope. He flew her out to Florida for the first round of healings. Then, the next week he came to her healing center in Oregon. On the first day in Oregon, the miracle of healing occurred. He returned home and the scans revealed no cancer at all in his lungs or anywhere in his body. For two years, he continued to work with her to resolve the underlying issues that created the cancer.


Such a happy outcome may be yours also.