Property and Land Harmonizing Tools

Research shows that electromagnet fields (EMF’s) bombard us continually.
They are from:
 • Cell phones
 • radio waves
 • satellite
 • cell towers
 • electrical poles
 • electric substations
 • electric appliances
 • electric breaker boxes
 • TV dishes and more…
 The EMF’s disrupt not only our personal electromagnetic fields or auras, but also, the fields we are walking through and sitting in. As the static interference continues, the damage increases, lowers our immune system, and therefore our resistance to viruses and bacteria. It can also cause mental stress and anxiety.
Recently a client’s nervous system was disrupted severely by a router that was too strong. She developed headaches, disorientation, anxiety, and finally bleeding ruptures on her hands and wrists. In this case, she removed the router, got a smaller one and put harmonizing tools on it. She is fine now.
 If you do not perceive these electromagnetic fields, it does not mean that they are not there. Remember you can’t see them, but they may be affecting you in subtle and gradual ways. In the above example, it took two and a half months before the client practically had a nervous breakdown. It is like frogs put in lukewarm water on the stove. The water gradually heats up, unperceived by the frogs, until they become frog soup.
One of the things Deborah-Marie does in land clearings is to discover where the field is out of balance and bring it back into harmonic alignment.
You can begin to protect yourself by using harmonizers on your cell phone, (remember that’s right next to your head or butt), as well as your home appliances and electric panel.
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