Deborah-Marie Diamond’s book brings together voices of three great world wisdom traditions. Stories within prayers within stories of healing and transformation offer a rich and insightful vision of new paths of love, devotion, and spirituality that are aching to burst forth into our world. Union of the Masters is a timely offering at this threshold moment of human evolution. 

 - Laura Marshall, Ph.D.
   Artist and Scholar
Union of the Masters is a joyous read! Uniquely told, this book offers a deeper knowing than just stating, "we are all one." It is a real world, present day story that not only inspires hope for a cleaner, greener, more loving world, but offers a clear insight into the interconnection of species, the earth, and the spirit world. I not only feel more connected than I ever have, but I understand how we are all connected now. It's a book to share, to gift, and to keep. And the timing couldn't be more perfect! I'm grateful to have it in my life.

 - Kristen Mease, MSW
In these times of great turmoil and change, people are often reluctant to release old ways without knowing where new ones will take them. Union of the Masters paints a compelling and profound picture of the world as it could be if we have the courage to embrace our evolutionary journey.  It tells of the spiritual and natural world forces working to regenerate our planet as we learn to live from a place of love.  There is a huge sigh of relief waiting for you as you complete the reading of this gentle yet provocative book.

 - Jan Castle 
   Lake Oswego, OR 97034
I would like to start off by saying that Deborah-Marie is one of, if not the most incredible and inspiring women/human beings I have ever met. Getting to know her and being in her presence has been perhaps one of the greatest gifts and blessings in my life. 
That said, her book as an element and extension of her knowledge and intention has provided a connection to divine timing that includes good fortune, love, gratitude, opportunity for growth and expansion and much more. If you are a beginner to the concepts and journey of a spiritual path or way, it’s a good place to start. If you are a long time traveler on that journey, you will probably glean continued meaningful insights and expansion as well as deeper knowing and understanding. At the very least reminders and inspiration to a call to action for what is vitally important and pressing. What she has provided for me as a whole is like a warm blanket of gift and comfort. Thank you for being who you are! 

 - Justine Melisa Delfino 
What I like so much about this book that Deborah-Marie wrote...from the well-written story that pulls readers in to the beautiful lessons the characters learn. It's certainly a book that I wanted to keep reading, holding surprising and wonderful twists, revealing strengths and weaknesses of the characters. Congratulations on a great book for these times.

 - Joy Resor
Union of the Masters by Deborah-Marie Diamond