A Tribute to All Mothers

A Tribute to All Mothers

I remember always making my mother breakfast on Mother’s Day when I was kid living at home. Then as years passed and we both lived in Oregon, I would take her to the Rhododendron Gardens where they held a best rhododendron contest. Some of the contestants standing tall and proud in their jars of water on the display table, clipped away from their mother bush would take our breath away. Then I would take her to lunch at the London Broil, downtown Portland. Always a cherished day. 

She is long passed and Mother’s Day has a broader range for me now. All the Mothers who give birth or are the adopted mothers that feed, tend, and care for children. Or the teachers, therapists, healers, doctors that hold, guide, and love others.

You may be celebrating Mother’s Day as the honored mother, remembering your mother or taking her out to dinner or presenting her with a gift. Whatever it is for you, let us take a moment to be grateful for the love and good she offered. Moms don’t have to be perfect for us to find their goodness. 

Also and always the true Mother to each of us. Mother Earth. May we honor and respect all Mothers. Here is our photo tribute! Happy Mother’s Day!

In Gratitude,