How to Create Peace in Ukraine

How to Create Peace in Ukraine

March 17, 2022

The more we hear and watch the news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the more we focus on the atrocity, not the solution. This attention actually feeds the war. Our outrage does not help stop it. What we think about it what we bring about.

Invasions, killings, destroying buildings, lives, families, homes are all from the old paradigm. We must think at a higher level to put an end to these actions in Ukraine and elsewhere around the world.

You can help, and it only takes one to two minutes a day. As Einstein said, “All things are created first in the mind, then in reality.”

Here is how to stop the war in Ukraine. Sit quietly following the flow of your breath calming and focusing yourself. Connect with the earth through your feet. When you are centered and your mind is clear, envision the tanks and troops receding from Ukraine. Imagine the people safe and homes and building restored. Imagine Russians and Ukrainians working together for a better world. 

Picture a peaceful Ukraine. Feel love for Russia and Ukraine. Imagine Putin cooperating with the President of Ukraine, Mr. Zelensky. Feel the joy of peace and safety.

Pick a time each day. Set your phone to remind you, to sit and visualize peace in Ukraine and around the world. If enough of us do this every day, we will create an energetic field of peace that will create peace.

If you can not see it or feel it, intend it. It does not matter how you do this. It is the intention of the energy that drives it. 

We must together work with the laws of the universe. We can turn this around. 

It’s only a minute a day. Please join us and respond to this post with “I’m in!”

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Thank you!