Inspiration for the Book

Inspiration for the Book

I guess to understand why I wrote Union of the Masters, a guide to living in oneness, we need to go back a little. Okay, a lot. So, let’s start with the basics:

Being a pioneer in quantum healing I have had the honor of helping thousands of people around the world. After graduate school at the University of Colorado, I studied herbology, western and Ayurvedic nutrition, and acupressure.  Though those are all excellent healing modalities, I resonated more with energy work and set my sights to learn quantum healing. When an intention is clear and stated in the positive, the universe rushes in to assist, which is just what happened for me. Healers and shamans became available to instruct me in what evolved into an intensive ten-year training.

However, my thirst for self-healing and interconnection led me also to become a New Thought Minister. I studied with Reverend Mary Morrisey. Then with tremendous excitement, I opened Circle of Life Center, a spiritual healing and educational center. Our tag line was—Inner Healing for Global Transformation. That grew into creating a three-year certified Diamond Hands on Healing School.

Then spirit nudged me to open Diamond Mystery School.  In Mystery school we walk the lives of great avatars. I write a script and set it to music. The participants act out the turning points of the avatar’s life. In Awaken, Walk the Life of Buddha, Siddhartha leaves home to find an end to suffering for humanity—The four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. Each participant plays the part of Siddhartha disappearing in the middle of the night, leaving his wife and newly born son. What courage that took! What determination to leave a clear path of luxury and being an heir to the throne, to wandering about searching for enlightenment. Then, each participant plays the roles of the stranded wife, father, and mother. You get to experience how each person felt, and it awakens aspects of your own life of being betrayed, left, and abandoned. You have an opportunity to heal at a cellular level. And that’s only one scene! By the end of the walk, you are changed in a very powerful way.

We have walked the lives of all the masters in Union of the Masters, except Mother Earth. I plan to write a fifth Mystery School—Gaia Speaks, Walk the Life of Mother Earth. Now that will be really powerful!

I leave you here and will continue my story in my next blog. I am eager to hear your comments and questions. Thank you!