May All Beings Treat Her Sacred

May All Beings Treat Her Sacred

To honor Earth Day I present to you another new video we have created.

I hope this video inspires you to do even more to help create climate health. Here are a few ideas:

  •  Think “How would this action affect Earth?”
  • Invest in climate conscious companies
  • Buy sustainably made products
  • Reduce waste
    * Compost.
    *Check your city’s “compost for residents” or “businesses” programs.
    *Take multi-sized cloth bags to the grocery store for loose fruit and vegetables, groceries, and bulk items etc.
    *Store your fruits and vegetables in reusable containers.
    *Take your own reusable to-go container to restaurants
    *Bring your washable, reusable coffee cup to your favorite coffee shop.
    *Refuse to use disposable products
    *Soap clean your plastic recyclable containers, so they don’t end up in the land fill
    *Take cloth bags everywhere you shop
  • Grow your own garden, or buy fresh at your local farmers’ markets
  • Refuse disposable products, take your own containers.
  • Add more to this list that fits you!


Every thing you do to help create climate health, no matter how great or small, is beautiful. It’s effect ripples out through the eco-system.

Please raise your awareness and open your heart to Earth. YOU can make a difference!

To Our Mother. I bow to her and to you.

May All Beings Treat Her Sacred,


Video by VideoShortz.