May All Beings Treat Her Sacred

May All Beings Treat Her Sacred

Today is Earth Day. A day to reflect and ponder the wonders of our planet. There will be speeches and Zoom meetings all day. Many will discuss our climate crisis, but I want to take a different path today. A path of doing and seeing with new eyes.

Each morning I say the above prayer to Mother Earth—“May all beings treat you sacred.”

What would you do differently if in fact you treated her in a reverent, sacred manner? Take a moment to reflect. Maybe even jot down your thoughts.

Let’s start simple. Instead of business as usual…Ask yourself what could you do differently?

Here are some ideas to consider for your daily life. You may be doing some or even many of them. Let’s just start with plastic. It’s everywhere! But you can cut down your use of it tremendously with intention…and few new habits.

Don’t use plastic. She just can’t digest it! Would you feed yourself or your family plastic? Here are some long lasting substitutes for plastic.

  • Use cloth grocery shopping bags. Keep them in your car at all times.
  • Use cloth vegetable bags. Keep them with your shopping bags.
  • Use cloth bags for all other shopping too. There are some beautiful bags out there!
  • Take glass to-go containers in a beautiful cloth bag when you go out to eat. The wait staff will love it. It saves the Earth and saves the restaurant money.
  • Get a coffee mug and take it with you to your favorite coffee shops along with that glass container for your treat.
  • Get a water filter for your drinking water or find a local natural spring, or get water refills at your local grocery store and take your water everywhere in a stainless steel or glass container.
  • Use BioGreen Bags for your trash and yard waste. Or use the thick paper yard waste bags available at Lowes and Home Depot.
  • Amazon has all these products and many of your local stores are carrying beautiful bags.

Here are some links to get you  going: 

I found some great cloth shopping bags in Ten Thousand Villages’, Asheville store.

Compostable Bags:

These bags are compostable and made from the starches of plants, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers. They come in 3 gallon—good for food composting; 13 gallons—good for your daily kitchen waste; and 33 gallons for your lawn and garden clippings. The “City of Houston Lawn and Leaf Bags” are the best, I’ve found. And of course pet poop bags!!

Cloth vegetable bags. I’ve been using these for about 30 years, and I still have some of the original ones! Now that’s longevity!

For the heavy paper leaf and garden bags:

There are other companies that are making similar products. I shared with you the companies that I have used and can recommend.

Every little thing you do makes a big difference! 

Next time I will suggest some ways to create a sustainable kitchen. Now that will be fun!

To Our Oneness!