New Year’s Day Burning and Planting Ceremony

New Year’s Day Burning and Planting Ceremony

Every January first I do a burning and planting ceremony that I learned from a North Western Canadian Indian Shaman. Most every culture has burning ceremonies. I like this one in particular because it follows the principle that when you release energy you must replace it with a higher vibration or any other energy can fill that void. I always replace released energy with Divine Love. Why not go for the Best!

Here is the ceremony if you would like to try it.

Things you will need:

Candle, smudge, matches, burning bowl (Can be an old pottery bowl, or a metal mixing bowl. Whatever bowl you have that can withstand some heat.) Open your windows for the first part of the ceremony. Cut up small pieces of paper and have pencils for all participants. Also, have ready 5’ X 7” sheets of paper or full sheets of 8 1/2” X 11”for each participant.

Water, tea, beverage of choice, and snacks if you like. You will be celebrating at the end of the ceremony!

If you have a fire pit and the weather is conducive, please do this ceremony outside.

As with all powerful ceremonies, remain in silence during the ceremony. Share only during the open sharing parts. This will build the energy. Chatter destroys sacred energy.

Get grounded and centered and bring your mental energy into your heart. Think of things you are grateful for. With your energy in your heart call in the Spirit of Sacred Fire. When you sense Sacred Fire, thank it. Now, state your intentions for Spirit of Sacred Fire to hold during your ceremony.

“I call forth the Spirit of Sacred Fire to hold these qualities for our ceremony.”

Intentions like release, inspiration, clarity. Call out your intentions.

Light the candle.

“Thank you Sacred Fire. Please stay in the bounds of the candle or fire pit.”

From the candle flame, light the smudge. Smudge each person in the room. If you do this outdoors, it is quite wonderful.

When complete with the smudging, and the air is cleared, close the windows if it is cold. (Some of us have unusually high temperatures for this time of year, so the windows are already open!)

Gather in a circle around the burning bowl or fire pit.

Sit comfortably, reground yourself. Now distribute the small pieces of paper and pencils.

Sit quietly and think of things you would like to release from everywhere — (every layer, level and dimension), and all time — (past, present, future, parallel, and in between lives), and not bring forth into 2022. These items can be on all levels — mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Habits and beliefs that no longer serve you, like, hatred, fear, illness, pain, sadness, suffering, grief, attachment, greed…

Write each one down on a separate piece of paper and fold once or twice. When you think you have gotten them all, pause and go deeper. Continue to write your new items on the pieces of paper.

When everyone is ready, go around the circle clock wise. Light each piece of paper with your release items from the candle or fire pit flame, and place in the burning bowl or fire pit.

As you place each paper in the flame, say to yourself or aloud, “I release this for all time and from everywhere. Sacred Fire please burn these hardships to ash. Thank you.”

After everyone has burned their papers, remain in silence following your breath and feeling the sensations of release.

Now, think of the things you would like to manifest for the new year. What would you like to plant in your garden of intention? Write them down on the larger piece of paper. When you think you have gotten them all, pause and go deeper. Continue to write your new items on the paper. Imagine your beautiful garden. Feel your joy and expectation of all these new flowers seeding, germinating, and growing to full bloom. Keep this paper to remind you of your intention garden.

Now share in reverence with the group or yourself if you are doing this ceremony solo. Go around the circle clockwise. As you speak your intentions for the new year, place them symbolically in the ashes of the burning bowl or fire pit. Also share how your garden looks in your mind’s eye. Like — dozens of multi-colored flowers waving in the breeze. Or, a sculptured Japanese style garden, and so forth.

When everyone has shared, give thanks for the abundance now being made manifest!

If you are using a fire pit, please put out the fire by waiting with it to go out naturally, or using sand. Never put water on a sacred fire. Thank you!

Celebrate! Happy New Year to your best year ever!

With Love,