Spring Brings New Joy

Spring Brings New Joy

There’s excitement in the air. Flowers blossoming. New green leaves on the trees, Oh, I am so happy to see them! Fresh rain cleansed soil and all the wonders of spring.

We are also hatching new projects here at Diamond Healing & Education, Inc. We will be announcing some exciting news in the upcoming weeks. And the first one is…Tada—a new video, The Missing Link to Reversing Climate Change.

Since you are in my special person category, you are the first to see it. Literally just out of the can. It is a video of what I speak about at events, conferences and the like. I am getting back on the speaking tour and am so excited about it!

If you think my message coincides with the vision of your next event, conference, church service, or company, would you please share this video with the appropriate person? I would be honored to be your speaker.

We are at a pivotal time in history now. A time of emerging possibility. A changing time revealing a new way to see life and our role in it. It is not the end of time. I know it feels like it! But a rebirthing of humanity. And as you may know, birth is a messy process. Though birth is painful, can be dangerous, has a lot or some blood involved, we are joyous with the outcome. A new being!

Unfortunately, we are in the messy stage of this process. But as the darkness, hate, polarization expresses, the Love will emerge. But I am getting ahead of myself — all that spring energy bubbling up!

Please take a moment to view the video, we made it short, and tell me what you think. And, please let me know who may be interested in me speaking at their event.

All Blessings for Climate Health!