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Visionary for the Emerging Consciousness

About Deborah-Marie

Deborah-Marie Diamond M.A., author of Union of the Masters and pioneer in quantum healing, has helped thousands of people around the globe. After her Master’s degree from the University of Colorado, she studied herbology, western and Ayurvedic nutrition, and acupressure for fifteen years. She realized then that the future of health was in quantum healing, so she embarked on an intensive ten-year training with shamans and medicine women from many traditions.

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Union of the Masters

A miraculous occurrence is about to overtake coastal Oregon. Christ, Buddha, and Running Bear Eagle—an Apache medicine woman—return to Earth at the same time and place to help us evolve into beings of love and compassion.


Set in the present time, Union of the Masters vividly evokes these enlightened beings, as they share not only the essence of their spiritual teachings, but also their humanity. They convey the importance of our connection, not our separation, and the desperate need to find that connection now.


It is a flowing, lyrical novel—a story told with grace and passion. It is original, earnest, and inspiring. The depth of research gives it weight and credibility, and the novel demonstrates how to live a life of unity and love, bringing us and our planet back to wholeness.

Harmonious Earth – Harmonious You

Praise for Union of the Masters

“Union of the Masters paints a compelling and profound picture of the world as it could be if we have the courage to embrace our evolutionary journey.”

Jan Castle

“Union of the Masters is a joyous read! Uniquely told, this book offers a deeper knowing than just stating, “we are all one.” “

Kristen Mease, MSW

“Union of the Masters is a timely offering at this threshold moment of human evolution.”

Laura Marshall, Ph.D. Artist and Scholar

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